Design Description

The new HMC Model CC-3 is the result of extensive research into the needs of those involved in warehousing, convenience store distribution, and supermarket retailing. Where case cutting is concerned, we believe the Model CC-3 answers those needs. This machine is completely automatic. Cases entering are slit on all four sides without the operator having to rotate the case. A programmable control, using electronic sensors, adjusts the knives to the proper cutting height, width and length to accomodate various size cases without interruption. Used with a powered in-feed and an exit conveyor, the operator's only concern is loading, unloading, and the disposal of case tops. Because the new HMC Model CC-3 uses knives rather than rotating cutters, there is a minimum of noise and dust. No vacuum system is required. All of this results in increased production and significant savings from reduced labor costs and better product protection. It also means improved operator safety by eliminating his involvement in the cutting process and the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome associated with repetitive motion.